Welcome to my miniatures wargaming site. Note that I am a wargamer first and foremost. The miniatures featured here are table quality and painted very quickly.

Updated 1/28/2018

Added Speedpainting Plastic Ogre Models 2 tutorial.



Updated 1/13/2018

Added new models to 6mm Ogre/GEV section

Added Speedpainting Plastic Ogre/GEV Models tutorial

GEV03 Hvy01 Msl02

Updated 12/20/2017

Updated Green Acrylics Comparison

Updated White Acrylics Comparison

Updated Yellow Acrylics Comparison

Updated Red Acrylics Comparison

Updated Blue Acrylics Comparison

Updated 12/19/2017

Added Green Acrylics Comparison

Updated 12/14/2017

Added White Acrylics Comparison

Added Yellow Acrylics Comparison

Added craft paints to Red Acrylics Comparison

Added craft Paints to Blue Acrylics Comparison

Updated 12/12/2017

Added Testors Model Master Acryl Cobalt Blue to Blue Acrylic Paints Comparison. Made minor correction to Blue Acrylic Paints Comparison.

Updated 12/11/2017

Added Red Acrylic Paints Comparison (21 paints tested)

Red 03






Added Blue Acrylic Paints Comparison (26 paints tested)

Blue 02





Updated 11/27/2017

Added Speedpainting Rehabbed GHQ Models.

003 Leopard 1 002 Marder Side

Added Converting a Matchbox Stryker MGS Toy Into a 25mm (?) Miniature.

001 Toy 004 Final 004 Final Side

Updated 4-15-16

Added Speedpainting 1/1000 Ironclads.

Added Ironclads page.

Group 01 Group 03

Updated 1-16-16

Added 5 Minute Paint Job: Scotia 6mm Modern Japanese page:


Added 6mm Modern Japanese page:

Type 74 03  Type 73 06 Type 61 03

Updated Using Minitaire Ghost Tints on 6mm Models page:

Yellow 04 Red 04 Olive 04 Brown 04

Updated 1-12-16 — Added Using Minitaire Ghost Tints on 6mm Models

Tan03 Blue03 Red03 Green03

Updated 1-11-16 — Added 6mm Speed Painting Tutorial.

Added RASDF GHQ, CinC and H/R vehicles:

BMP-2 GHQ 09 BMP-T 13 T80 RA (17) T90 (11) BTR-T 05

Added Saudi GHQ M1A2, M2A2, and AMX-30B2. Added CinC Saudi AMX-30:

AMX30B2 Ind M1A1 Ind M2A2 Ind AMX30 CinC ind

Updated 11-17-15 — Added 15mm Speed Painting Tutorial for 15mm QRF BMP-2s. 3 models in one hour.

6 BMP-2 Final 04

Updated 10-2-15 — Added the flag of The Kingdom of Austral.

Austral Flag

Updated 9-18-15 — Added a new wiki for The Kingdom of Austral, my modern imagi-nation located in the Persian Gulf.

Updated 9-9-15 — Added new Warsaw Pact armor, painted in desert camouflage. These are actually units of my imagi-nation, the Kingdom of Austral.

T64 03 BMP3 02 BMP-1 04 ZSU 23 02


Also added Saudi miniatures (opponents for Austral)

M60A3 01 AMX-10P 01 LAV-25 02

Updated 7-22-14 — Added speed painting notes for pre-dreadnought ships.

Updated 7-19-14 — Added section for 1/1500 scale War Times Journal predreadnoughts.

Majestic 01 Cressy 03

Updated 7-14-14 — Added page on How to Paint 1/2400 Ships.

Updated 7-8-14 — Added several Viking Forge battleships to 1/2400 IJN section. and  US Navy section.

Updated 6-26-14 – Added Viking Forge and Panzerschiffe Amagi class; Panzerschiffe and C-in-C Kongo class; Viking Forge Kongo class in 1/2400 IJN section. Added Panzerschiffe and Viking Forge  Lexington class in US Navy section. Added Shapeways Lion class; Viking Forge Hood; Panzerschiffe Hood to Royal Navy section.

Lexingtons VF PS 02 Lion SW 02 Kongo PS 01  Hood VF Hood VF 02 Amagi PS 03 Amagi PS 02

Updated 6-24-14 – Added Viking Forge Yamato class in 1/2400 IJN section. Added Viking Forge Iowa class and Viking Forge Lexington class battlecruiser in US Navy section.

3133 Yamato 04a3326 New Jersey 04a3326 New Jersey 06a3308 Lexington 01a

Updated 6-1-13 – Added Painting Log.

Updated 5/30/13. Re-photographed some of my ultra-modern French in Modern French section. In the previous photos, the models were more semi-gloss than flat. I re-sprayed them and reshot them. More to post later.

VBCI C 07 LeClerc C 02
Updated 5/29/13. Added GHQ ultra-modern French to Modern French section.

VBCI 01 LeClerc 04

Updated 5/27/13. Added Modern German section. Added GHQ German vehicles to Modern German section.

Puma (2) Leopard 2A6 03 Boxer (4)

Updated 5-11-13. Added GHQ French to Modern French section.

AMX VCI 03 M47 08

Updated 5-4-13. Added Ground Zero Games 6mm section. Added a bunch of GZG 6mm hovercraft. Reorganized 6mm Section with pages for each manufacturer. Added Organizing/Mounting Miniatures for Painting page.

GZG Wombat GZG Rommel GZG Goliath GZG Gladiators  S1

Updated 5-2-13. Added French and Italian navy pages to WWII Naval section. Added new Japanese battleships (including cancelled ship classes) and heavy cruisers. Added 1/1000 Predreadnought section.

HMS Majestic 3FR DunkerqueIJN CA Mogami

Updated 5-1-13. Added About/Contact page.

Updated 4-30-13. Reorganized groupings. Now, all 6mm modern are in the, er, 6mm Modern section. Added Techniques section. Added Painting Notebook.

Journal 11sm

Updated 4-29-13. Added 6mm Sci-Fi.

Ogre Mk V #1US GEV Co

Updated 4-29-13. Added Israelis and Arabs.

Israeli Centurion 03 Egyptian Sherman 02

Updated 4-29-13. Setup website. Added Modern US, Modern British, Modern Warsaw Pact and WWII Naval.