Imperial Japanese Navy

Unless otherwise stated, all models are 1/2400 Panzerschiffe.

IJN Ise ’40 (Viking Forge)

Ise 40 (1) Ise 40 (2)

IJN Kirishima (Viking Forge)

3127 Kirishima 02 3127 Kirishima 01

IJN Nagato (Viking Forge)

Nagato Revised 02 Nagato Revised 01

Yamashiro (Viking Forge)

Yamashiro Revised 01 Yamashiro Revised 02

Yamato class battleship (Viking Forge) based on wood base.

Yamato VF Based 01

Amagi class BC. Top 2 models are Viking Forge; bottom 2 models are Panzerschiffe.

Amagi VF 01 Amagi VF 02

Amagi PS 01 Amagi PS 02

Kongo class BC. Panzerschiffe top, C-in-C bottom two models. The C-in-C model is the original version before the class was rebuilt between WWI and WW2.

Kongo PS 01

Kongo C-in-C 02

Kongo C-in-C

Yamato class BB (Viking Forge)

3133 Yamato 04a

Yamato class BB

IJN Yamato IJN Yamato and Musashi

Yamato and Kii (cancelled)

IJN Yamato and KiiIJN BB Yamato and Kii

Yamato and Furutaka CA

IJN Yamato and Furutako

Tosa class BB (cancelled)

IJN BB Tosa IJN BB Tosa (2)

Kii class BB (cancelled)

IJN BB Kii IJN BB Kii (2)

B-64 class BB (cancelled)

IJN BB B-64 IJN B-64

Tone class CA


Takeo class CA

IJN CA Takeo

Myoko class CA

IJN CA Myoko

Mogami class CA

IJN CA Mogami IJN CA Mogami (2)

Furutaka class CA

IJN CA Furutakos copyIJN CA Furutako copy

Adba class CA


Amagi class BB (cancelled)

Japan Amagi Class

Fuso and Haruna BB

Japan Fuso Haruna

Ise class BB, Hyuga class BB

Japan Ise Hyuga

Kongo class BB, Kirishima class BB

Japan Kongo Kirishima 02

Japan Kongo Kirishima

Nagato BB, Mutsu BB

Japan Nagato Mutsu 02 Japan Nagato Mutsu

Cancelled Tosa class

Japan Tosa Class

Tosa, Fuso

Japan Tosa Fuso

Yamato and Musashi BB

Japan Yamato Musashi

Yamato class BB (F-Toys above, C-in-C below)

Japan Yamatos CinC F-Toys