1/1500 Predreadnoughts

These are 1/1500 rapid prototyped plastic ships from War Times Journal, painted with a variant of my standard speed-painting techniques. They are beautifully detailed, but a little expensive ($11.75-12.75 each). I bought them to evaluate whether I want to do predreadnought gaming in a scale between 1/2400 and 1/1000.

I intend to add masts later, if I decide to pursue this scale.

HMS Majestic Predreadnought Battleship

Majestic 03 Majestic 01

Majestic Mounted 01


HMS Cressy Armoured Cruiser. The smokestacks are straight on the model; my camera distorts them a little.

Cressy 03 Cressy 01

Comparison with 1/2400 scale ships (L to R) Panzerschiffe King Edward VII, Panzerschiffe Revenge, and partially painted WTJ Majestic.

Comparison 03 Comparison 01 Majestic Size

HMS Majestic in 3 scales; (L-R) 1/1000 Houston Ships; 1/1500 WTJ; 1/2400 Panzerchiffe (actually this is HMS Revenge, but a very similar class).

Majestic 3 sizes 02 Majestic 3 Sizes 01

HMS Majestic and HMS Cressy together:

Majestic and Cressy 01 Majestic and Cressy 02