Naval Wargaming Books

Naval Wargaming Books

Books marked MH are “must have” books that I consider essential for serious Naval wargamers. If you want to buy a book, please click on the link. It costs you nothing and returns a tiny pittance to me. If the Amazon page tells you that the book is not available, this just means that I get no commission if you buy the book. Search Amazon for the title and it will usually come up.


Fletcher Pratt’s Naval Wargame Wargaming With Model Ships 1900-1945 by John Curry and Fletcher Pratt

MH The most famous of the early naval wargames. Still a lot of fun.

The Fred Jane Naval War Game (1906) including the Royal Navy’s Wargaming Rules (1921) by John Curry and Fred Jane

The other famous early naval wargame. A fun game with an interesting combat resolution mechanic.

Phil Dunn’s Sea Battle Games Naval Wargaming 1650-1945 by Phil Dunn and John Curry

Phil Dunn’s Fury at Sea Rapid Naval Wargaming Including Paddy Griffith’s One-Eyed Napoleonic Naval Rules by John Curry, Paddy Griffith and Phil Dunn

The Coast Artillery War Game (1916) Early Naval Wargaming by John Curry (Author), Major William Chamberlaine (Contributor)

Sea Battles in Miniature by Paul Hague