Royal Navy

Unless otherwise stated, all models are 1/2400 Panzerschiffe.

King George V (Viking Forge)

King George V (1) King George V (2)

Lion class battleship (Shapeways). This was the “frosted detail” version that cost $44.68 for 4 models. As you can see, the finish is noticeably rough. However, the model is perfectly useable and isn’t bad at all on the table.

Lion SW 02 Lion SW 01

Hood battlecruiser. Top two models are Panzerschiffe; bottom two models are Viking Forge, (I may have gotten the wrong turrets on the Viking Forge model. I’m checking with Viking Forge and will update).

Hood PS 01 Hood PS 02  Hood VF 02 Hood VF 03

Warspite BB, Royal Sovereign BB, Queen Elizabeth BB

UK Warspite Royal Sovereign Queen Elizabeth

Prince of Wales BB, Duke of York BB (both F-Toys)

UK Prince of Wales Duke of York

King George V BB, Anson BB

UK KGV Anson

Hood BB

UK Hood

Cancelled G-3 Battlecruisers

UK G-3 Battlecruiser