GZG 6mm

I painted these 42 miniatures in about 4 hours and spent 1 hour to photograph them.

Wombat Hover APC

GZG Wombats 04 GZG Wombats 03 GZG Wombats 02 GZG Wombats 01 GZG Wombat

Slammer Heavy Hovertank

GZG Slammers 02

Rommel Light Hovertank (one of my favorite 6mm minis).

GZG Rommels 03 GZG Rommel GZG Rommel Lt Hovertank GZG Rommel Lt Hovertank Task Force GZG Rommel Lt Hovertank Company

Light Hover Jeeps — Really tiny miniatures.

GZG Lt Hover Jeeps

Goliath Medium Hovertank

GZG Goliaths 02 GZG Goliaths 01 GZG Goliath

Gladiator Light Hovertank

GZG Gladiators 01

Gauntlet Hover APC

GZG Gauntlet GZG Gauntlets 01 GZG Gauntlets 02

Comparison Shots

GZG Comparison 02 GZG Comparison 01

Comparison Shot — Other tanks are (L-R) GW Baneblade, SJG Ogre Mark V, Exodus Wars Guild Icharus, GHQ M-60A1, GHQ M2 Bradley and GHQ M901 ITV.

Comparison Shot